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A Dependable Janitorial Service in West Allis, WI

Looking for a trusted contractor to maintain your office clean? Want to clean up the carpets in your home? We can do it for you! M.N.E Janitorial Cleaning LLC is a professional company that works with residential and commercial clients and offers general and post-construction cleanup solutions. We are located in West Allis, WI, and we operate on the territory of the surrounding areas as well. We can help you with all your needs!

M.N.E Janitorial Cleaning LLC‘s services

We provide a complete cleaning and janitorial service, working with all kinds of clients, including homeowners, small, and large businesses. We offer carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, and other related services.

Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning Service
Do you want your office to be spic and span at all times? Don't want to waste your time cleaning it? If so, you should definitely book a quality commercial cleaning service like ours. We always make sure that all furniture is dusted, floors mopped, and carpets vacuumed. We always sanitize the restrooms and doorknobs to prevent bacteria from spreading. Also, we always take out the trash when we leave.

Quality Janitorial Service

Quality Janitorial Service
If you have a big commercial property and want to make sure that it's cleaned properly and on a regular basis, you need to hire a professional company like ours. We are a janitorial cleaning service provider with many years of experience, so we are able to handle jobs of all sizes and complete them in a timely manner. So whenever you need the help of a professional janitorial cleaner, you should not look any further than us.

Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Service
Last, but not least, we also provide an affordable cleaning service to homeowners as well. We are able to free you from all your cleaning duties and come on a regular basis or clean your house just once. We will do everything from floor cleaning and dusting to kitchen and bathroom sanitizing. When you hire us, you can be sure that every area of your home will be perfectly cleaned.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal
Stay indoors with a hot cup of cocoa while our technicians remove the snow from your property. We have the equipment to clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, walkways, entryways, and other surfaces. With our aid, you'll be able to easily get in and out of your home without worrying about slipping and getting hurt. We can also remove snow from areas around commercial buildings. Our prices are fair and reasonable.


Apart from cleaning residential and commercial properties, we can also organize and carry out landscaping projects. We have the resources and know-how to tend to the needs of green areas and their plants. We can mow lawns, trim bushes, prune trees, plants flowers, etc. We use time-tested programs to prevent weed growth and keep plant-eating insects away. We can make sure your property is always surrounded by a lush, colorful, and healthy garden.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Post-Construction Cleanup
Go through a stress-free and hassle-free post-construction cleanup by using our services. We can remove dried adhesives, grime, debris, stubborn stains, and other pollutants and contaminants from newly built or renovated residential and commercial properties. We can help our customers move into a pristine home or workplace by handling the final stage of their construction or remodeling project. Let us take the stress off your shoulders.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Dust mites exist and are prevalent in the house, despite being undetectable to the naked sight. Dust mite body parts and feces are allergens that, if not eliminated, can cause severe allergies in humans. Steam cleaning carpets kills dust mites that are often embedded in the carpet by blasting them with hot water, and it is an extremely effective way to get rid of them once and for all!

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning
Cleaning your windows has most likely been on your to-do list for a long time, but you haven't gotten around to it. We understand. After a long day or week at work, the last thing you want to do is clean your windows. It's not like it's disrupting your everyday life in any way. You're not tripping over dirty windows like they're toys on the floor, or dragging dirt from the windows throughout the home. Hire us for a window cleaning service today!

Strip & Wax

Strip & Wax
A floor's finish with the necessary sheen, which provides your building a sensation of cleanliness, is the evident outcome of stripping and waxing it. The less obvious justifications are more useful; waxing and stripping eliminate dirt and grime that accumulate on the floor. The procedure produces a protective layer between the floor and any threats.

Why hire a home and office cleaning service

Keeping your space clean is not a whim or a luxury. It is necessary for those who like to have a good-looking living environment and a must for work premises with high foot traffic. If you are among those people who have high criteria for the cleanliness of their home, but you have no time to take care of it yourself, it is better to turn to a professional cleaner to do it for you. If you are an employer and you care about your employees’ health, it is highly recommended to schedule regular, affordable janitorial services that will ensure hygiene in your commercial building.

How we can help

Our reputable janitorial cleaning company works Mondays through Fridays, offering one-time and regularly scheduled services. We keep our rates competitive, so you can take advantage of our weekly or monthly service contracts. If you are uncertain of the amount of work you would need on your property, we can provide you with an on-site consultation and an estimate.

We Serve the Surrounding Areas

As a flexible commercial cleaning company, we serve clients from all over the region, including the following areas:

  • Greendale, WI
  • Elm Grove, WI
  • Butler, WI
  • Glendale, WI
  • Shorewood, WI

If you need quality janitorial services in West Allis, WI and the surrounding areas, call us today and ask about our current discounts and specials!

Client’s Testimonial

Great Services!

I have been using this company during the last year to take care of my office cleaning. They always arrive on time and do a detailed work. I’m very pleased with their services, and I plan to hire them for the regular clean-ups of my home as well!

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